Profish GT

Fishing Kayak Review | Viking Kayaks Profish GT The Viking Kayaks Profish GT is the 4wd of the Viking kayaks fleet for its incredible stability, carry capacity, and the excellent tackle management system. The Profish GT is equally an ideal kayak for those fishing Sunshine Coast dams, rivers and equally at home fishing the close reefs like … Read more

My on the water safety gear

In this blog I will be discussing some of the safety equipment I carry with me on every paddle trip. The gear you decide to include in your own kit may vary due to your specific location and waterways. I recommend getting some basic training in both paddling and first aid if you plan on … Read more

The Trip that almost wasn’t

clint barghi

So Viking Kayaks USA planned an awesome extended weekend trip to Louisiana for the beginning of September. This was to follow the Paddlesports Retailer show where we announced some new products and would be a great opportunity for camaraderie as well as seat time in the new equipment. The owner of Viking Kayaks, Grant Montague, … Read more

Vikings Have Landed – Video Release

Viking Kayaks USA is excited to announce that the Viking Kayaks purchased in the US will now be receiving the same 30-year warranty as is offered in their country of origin, New Zealand. “These kayaks are top of the line, made with a liner polyethylene that’s higher quality than many of the boats out there. … Read more

Artist Boat

About Artist Boat Artist Boat was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2003 is establishing a Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island and is looking for people who want to explore by kayak! Their grant to acquire the land at the new Coastal Heritage Preserve provides financial resources to launch three years of educational programming from … Read more