We’re kayak fisherman. We’re not self-proclaimed kayak fisherman and weekend warriors. We’re REAL kayak fisherman in a constant search for rougher water, bigger fish, and better designs.

Who is Viking Kayaks?

It all started out in a small shed in the New Zealand country side circa 1999 for Grant Montague – president of Viking Kayaks New Zealand. He fished big game pelagics, competed in the local tournaments, and began experimenting with kayak designs to make his kayak fishing passion more practical.

Grant wanted a better offshore fishing kayak and he noticed – through attending many of the major kayak fishing tournaments and industry events – feedback from many experienced and dedicated ‘kayak fishos’ heavily backed his concepts. It’s this feedback and time on the water that sparked the innovative ideas that then developed into the high performing and user friendly Viking fishing kayaks that true kayak fishermen have grown to love.

Grant believed that every aspect of his kayaks must have a purpose and benefit to the user. Simply put, nothing would be added for the sake of “more features”. We concentrate on getting the important things right – performance, comfort, stability and features that make you think – “wow, that works great!”

Who is Viking Kayaks USA?

We’re the USA distribution branch of Viking Kayaks that is fully behind the great designs, principles, and kayak fishing concepts that Grant has set up from New Zealand. We offer domestic pricing, US specific customization options, and content geared to the North American kayak angler seeking the thrill of the New Zealand kayak fishing experience from a hemisphere away.

With all that said, these boats are still very new to the US. We’re adding dealers and inventory every day here, so please reach out to us if you have questions regarding ownership, how to become a Viking dealer, make a demo request, or even plan a trip with us. We’re paddlers and anglers too!