Chill Pods

profish gt chill pod

Chill Pod (Reload/GT/400)


The insulated Chill Pod fits modularly into the rear of the Profish Reload, 400 & GT kayaks. The “bread-bin” style lid opening – compatible with both left or right handed people – faces the kayak seat in order to allow access without losing your seated center of gravity. The internal capacity is deceivingly huge, and able to accommodate both small and big fish. The Chill Pod will keep ice and fish cold for hours, meaning your fish will stay in perfect condition even on hot days.

At the end of your days fishing, simply lift the Chill Pod out of your kayak and into your vehicle – very clean and functional! The Chill Pod also tows very well and is a popular choice for spearfishing and crabbing, where keeping your fish out of the water has obvious advantages!

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