It’s a New Year and a new beginning for Viking Kayaks USA

Hello all and welcome to the first blog post of 2018. There are some big changes with the Viking Kayak USA organization this year and we want to keep you guys up to date on what has happened. [...]

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Gear Down and Fish

The Viking Reload and the Viking Profish 400 are my go-to platforms these days. They are both “utility kayaks” in that they each do a lot of things very well. For example, they can both manage a [...]


Vikings Have Landed – Video Release

Viking Kayaks USA is excited to announce that the Viking Kayaks purchased in the US will now be receiving the same 30-year warranty as is offered in their country of origin, New Zealand. [...]


Artist Boat

About Artist Boat Artist Boat was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2003 is establishing a Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island and is looking for people who want to explore by kayak! Their [...]