Gear Down and Fish

The Viking Reload and the Viking Profish 400 are my go-to platforms these days. They are both “utility kayaks” in that they each do a lot of things very well. For example, they can both manage a hefty load of gear with over 400 lbs. capacity. All the tackle you can imagine and more. In fact, you could probably fit a small tackle store in the pod or tankwell of both kayaks. But hey! Do me a favor- don’t!  
One of the things I often talk about in fishing seminars is the less is more approach. Look, just because you fit a metric poop-ton of gear in the Pod or tankwell of the Vikings doesn’t mean you should. The more gear you bring the more gear you manage and the less time you will spend fishing. 
I bring 3 rods (4 if there is a potential to fly fish). That’s it. No more. I bring one small tackle tray and some leader, and I am good to fish for an entire weekend. My 3 rod set up is comprised of a top water, a jig with soft plastic, and then a popping cork. I call it the “Hi Lo and In Between” set up. (That’s a Townes Van Zandt reference for you true Texans.,_Low_and_In_Between)   
The top water obviously covers fish feeding on the surface.  
The next rod will be rigged to fish the bottom. Reds and flounder especially. Working a weedless (I think in Texas we should call it “shellless”) plastic is a great way to target benthic feeders. I would even say that the majority of my fish have been caught on this set up with either a shrimp imitation or a paddle tail. My third rod is the old popping cork with a gulp shrimp. It covers the mid column and works well. 
That’s it… that is all you need on the Texas salt flats and while the Reload and Profish can handle way more, do yourself a favor and spend your time paddling a great kayak and then fishing, instead of paddling a great kayak and then messing with a bunch of extra gear and tackle. 
Hi, Lo, and In Between 

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Kendal Larson – New Brand Managment

Kendal Larson - Viking Brand Manager

In late 2015, Yak Gear was pleased to bring Kendal Larson aboard as the national brand manager for Viking Kayaks USA.

Kendal comes from a long line of paddlers, having traced his heritage back to the very first king of Norway, and believes he has Viking blood in his veins. He plied the waters of northern Minnesota in a canoe while growing up, paddled in Germany off and on while stationed there with the United States Air Force while serving as a Czech intelligence specialist, and later began slicing through the salt flats of Texas after moving there. He has dipped a paddle in Mexican, Canadian, German, and Fijian waters, and plans on expanding that list.

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Vikings Have Landed – Video Release

Viking Kayaks USA is excited to announce that the Viking Kayaks purchased in the US will now be receiving the same 30-year warranty as is offered in their country of origin, New Zealand. “These kayaks are top of the line, made with a liner polyethylene that’s higher quality than many of the boats out there. We felt it important to demonstrate to the kayakers in the United States that the Viking Kayaks offered here are the same great quality as the boats purchased in New Zealand because these ARE the same boats. So, it only seemed right that we offer the 30-year warranty,” said Bill Bragman, president of Yak Gear, the national distributor for Viking Kayaks in the U.S.

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Artist Boat

About Artist Boat

Artist Boat was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2003 is establishing a Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island and is looking for people who want to explore by kayak! Their grant to acquire the land at the new Coastal Heritage Preserve provides financial resources to launch three years of educational programming from this special place. Public trips are available for $10 per person and school groups are also welcome.

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