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oxygen 570 home


The Oxygen 570 is the ideal fitness and training Ski. Perfect for playing in the surf or river running, the Oxygen Ski offers more stability than full on race versions, while still maintaining excellent hull speed.

profish gt kayak


At just under 12′ long, the Profish GT is designed for paddlers of all sizes looking for a compact paddling and pillaging platform that is exceptionally easy to handle both on and off the water.

profish reload kayak


Whether you’re paddling for pleasure or you’ve got fish on your mind, paddle the Reload and learn why many are calling it the best paddling sit-on-top on the market.

tempo 2 home


The Viking Tempo Fisherman II double kayak , answers the long awaited call for a stable, roomy fishing and expedition kayak.  The extra room is finally putting an end to the tandem paddle fight.