Like many anglers, Sonny’s passion for fishing began at an early age.  He spent the better part of his youth catching bass out of every small pond and lake he could find in the small southeast Texas town he grew up in. After graduating from college, he moved closer the coast where his obsession with saltwater fishing began. After a year of wading the flats around the Galveston Bay complex, he purchased his first kayak in the spring of 2011. The rest as they say, is history.  These days you can find him pitching plastics at skinny water reds or waiting for a topwater explosion in one of the many marshy areas along the upper Texas coast. He is an accomplished tournament angler; with more than a dozen top ten finishes under his belt. He makes an occasional appearance in Kayak Fish Magazine, Kayak Angler Magazine, and The Fisherman’s Journal, along with running his own blog,

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